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MaWi Eyewear, Germany GmbH was founded in 2017 by Erwin Wieser jun. founded. The tradition-conscious company produces high-quality acetate glasses - made in Germany.
The manufactory is located on the edge of the three-river city of Passau. On an area of around 750 square meters, equipped with the latest machines, products of the highest quality are manufactured there.
Our goal is to more than meet your requirements and to pass on a high degree of accuracy, care and quality to the product. This is achieved through our extensive processes that our plants go through to completion.



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Hidden champions - HIGHTECH BEFORE EYES

Hidden champions" are medium-sized companies that occupy a leading position in their field of expertise. They usually operate in secret and rarely make much fuss about their successes. One of these companies is "Mawi eyewear" in Passau - this is where high-tech with vision is produced.

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The way to your own eyewear manufacture

The highest mountain he has climbed is the Ortler in Tyrol with more than 3,905 meters: Erwin Wieser is not only a summiteer, but also a doer, at 32 years as old as top goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. He himself finds the comparison far-fetched. Because with the frames from his manufacture “MaWi Eyewear” not only big names have been able to score for two years. The optician next door can also fight for market advantages with this team.

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